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Why Choose Fujitsu?

Air Conditioning · Posted by: BS Air · on 26th June 2019

Fujitsu are a world leader in design and technology. They both design and manufacture a broad and innovative range of Air Conditioning Systems to provide the perfect solution for both residential and commercial environments. At the forefront of the market and a household name...

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What Is a Split Air Conditioning System?

Air Conditioning · Posted by: BS Air · on 12th June 2019

A split system air conditioner is made up of indoor and outdoor units that work together. The indoor part is a furnace, while the outdoor unit is the air conditioner that circulates cool air within the home. The air conditioner cooperates with the furnace...

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Safeguarding Yourself as an Employer

Air Conditioning · Posted by: BS Air · on 29th May 2019

Were you aware that maintaining an appropriate temperature in the workplace is actually the responsibility of the Employer? Whilst it is not a legal responsibility, it is the job of the employer to ensure the temperature in the workplace is of ‘reasonable comfort’. The...

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10 Ways to Save Energy and Lower Air Conditioning Costs

Air Conditioning · Posted by: bs.air · on 30th September 2015

  Air conditioning can be a lifesaver in the summer months, when there’s nothing you want more than to escape the sun’s heat and relax in the cool air indoors. However, with high usage of the air conditioning comes high energy costs, something we...

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Why You Should Use an F-Gas Certified Company Like BS Air

Air Conditioning·Commercial Refrigeration·Heat Pumps·News · Posted by: bs.air · on 24th August 2015

F-Gas is an umbrella term for a range of gases containing fluorine, for example, Hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) and perfluorocarbons (PFC). All of these gases pose a global warming risk greater than 1, meaning that in an effort to encourage sensible and limited use of them,...

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The Benefits of an Annual Maintenance Agreement with BS Air

Air Conditioning·Commercial Refrigeration·Heat Pumps · Posted by: bs.air · on 31st July 2015

  Regularly maintaining your air conditioning unit is an obvious way to save you from costly repairs on a poorly functioning unit. A yearly maintenance policy ensures your unit is constantly running to the highest efficiency possible and that it follows regulation standards at...

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Why We Recommend Fujitsu Air Conditioning Units

Air Conditioning·News · Posted by: bs.air · on 30th June 2015

Fujitsu are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of air conditioning units, and with good reason, too. From the sheer size of their range to the quality with which they are made and distributed, the Japanese brand are going from strength to strength as...

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R22 Refrigerant Phase out – Your time is up!!

Air Conditioning·Commercial Refrigeration · Posted by: bs.air · on 20th March 2014

The End of R22 Refrigerant END 2009 it is now against the law to use R22 in its virgin state END 2014 it is now against the law to use R22 in any form R22 is an ozone depleting refrigerant gas (HCFC) which has been...

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The History of Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning · Posted by: bs.air · on 23rd December 2013

When talking about the most important and impactful inventions of the 20th century, the mind instantly goes to the television, the internet, or perhaps the microwave. Only those living in hot, stifling climates might mention air conditioning in this list, as its influence is...

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Is Your Air Conditioning Unit Costing You More Than It Needs To?

Air Conditioning · Posted by: bs.air · on 5th September 2013

What you need to know about aging Air Conditioning Units Older air conditioning units can be notoriously bad at cooling an environment, and this inefficiency will frequently result in higher energy bills. In addition, repair work will prove quite expensive, for many of the...

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