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Is Your Air Conditioning Unit Costing You More Than It Needs To?

What you need to know about aging Air Conditioning Units

Older air conditioning units can be notoriously bad at cooling an environment, and this inefficiency will frequently result in higher energy bills. In addition, repair work will prove quite expensive, for many of the parts required may no longer be manufactured. Any extensive repair job may even cost more than the initial value of the unit itself.

If we then combine these inconvenient observations with the fact that older air conditioners can contribute to the erosion of the ozone layer, it becomes clear that purchasing a newer model is the best option. However, some may believe that a new unit is prohibitively expensive. On the contrary; the cost savings over time will far outweigh the initial purchase price. Here are a few key advantages that are offered by a new appliance.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

The first major benefit is that all modern air conditioners come equipped with a robust guarantee against any defects. Due to the fact that these machines are constructed of quality parts, these warranties will sometimes last as long as ten years. This will give the owner the peace of mind in knowing that in the unfortunate event of a problem, any repairs will be completely free of charge.

Energy Star Ratings

Another important consideration to recognise is that older air conditioners absorb a massive amount of electricity. This was primarily due to the fact that their parts were simply not as advanced as they are in the 21st century. On top of this, these older models tend to become less efficient with age. Modern units are much more energy efficient, and many will come equipped with what is known as an Energy Star rating. This is a sticker that certifies that an independent analyst has observed and verified that the air conditioner meets all modern energy saving and environmental standards. The resulting savings can be enormous.

More Efficient Cooling Systems

Energy savings aside, the purpose of an air conditioner is to stay cool during the hot summer months. Newer designs take full advantage of computer controlled technology to provide the coolest environment with the least amount of effort. More efficient fans circulate the air to a wider area. Advanced insulation makes certain that all of the air is kept in the room as opposed to escaping outside. All of this equates to the unit needing less time to cool a room and the room staying at a comfortable temperature for much longer.

A Heating Component

Finally, many such devices now boast the ability to provide heat in the winter months as well. Once again, advanced technology has led to such a dually efficient machine. While this would not be intended to heat an entire house, a specific room can be kept warm while in the remainder of the property, the thermostat can afford to be turned down. This will further help save on energy costs.

These are but a handful of undeniable reasons why a modern and efficient air conditioner is preferable over an older model. With such amenities as increased comfort and appreciable energy savings, it is no wonder that so many individuals are choosing this 21st century cooling option.


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