COVID-19 Update

Due to the COVID-19 and social distancing measures set out in government guidelines we have decided to close our doors as the well-being of our customers and staff is paramount.

We are currently operating at a limited capacity and able to carry out works, as long as they comply with social distancing criteria. Our staff are also working from home where possible to respond to any queries regarding our service and can be reached at the appropriate branch number, or by email We wish all of our customers well during this difficult time and we look forward to operating fully when it is safe to do so

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Safeguarding Yourself as an Employer

Were you aware that maintaining an appropriate temperature in the workplace is actually the responsibility of the Employer? Whilst it is not a legal responsibility, it is the job of the employer to ensure the temperature in the workplace is of ‘reasonable comfort’.

The Approved code of practice recommends that you maintain a minimum working temperature of 160°c in Offices etc and 130°c in spaces such as warehouses. Due to so many variants a specific maximum temperature has not been established, but as with the minimum requirements it is essential that this is monitored to ensure the ‘reasonable comfort’ of your staff.

So what’s the solution? Air Conditioning of course….

  • Air Conditioning technology has had major advancements in technology. With their inverter technology they have the capability to both heat and cool your work space.
  • They are extremely energy efficient and effective in all environments.
  • Air Conditioning gives you the power to control and maintain the temperature in your work space providing a better and more productive work environment for you staff
    and customers alike.
  • Air Conditioning comes in all shapes, styles and sizes, so we will be able to find a system that fits your requirements. Whether it be a Wall Mounted system where there is no ceiling void, or a ducted system to service many rooms or a ceiling cassette to provide an evenly distributed ambient temperature.

BS Air are experts in our field and can find the right, bespoke, solution to suit your exact needs whether it be a small office, to a 5 story hotel to a food manufacturing plant, we can help. We are approved installers of leading brands in the market and have many years of both experience and training. If you want a free no obligation quote give us a call today.


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