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R22 Refrigerant Phase out – Your time is up!!

The End of R22 Refrigerant

END 2009 it is now against the law to use R22 in its virgin state

END 2014 it is now against the law to use R22 in any form

R22 is an ozone depleting refrigerant gas (HCFC) which has been commonly used on air conditioning and refrigeration systems prior to 2000. Under EC Ozone regulation EC2037/2000 an immediate ban was put on the use of CFC’s and also the phase out of R22 and all other HCFC’s. This led to the production and supply of new Air Conditioning Systems using R22 stopping in 2004.

From the end of 2009 the use of virgin R22 Refrigerant Gas is banned, with recycled R22 for maintenance purposes only, only being permitted until the end of 2014.

However, there is no guarantee of the quality or availability of the refrigerant and industry experts are predicting stocks will be depleted long before this time, with cost also being a major issue.

What to do now?

 If you have old R22 Air Conditioning systems installed it would be wise to budget and make plans for the future. The key is to be prepared for when your system does have a fault. R22 systems cannot be repaired, but they can still be used until that time.

You may also want to consider that using R22, whilst efficient at time of installation, uses considerably more energy than the latest inverter Air Conditioning plant that utilises non HCFC Refrigerants such as R407c and R410a, in some instances as much as 50% less.

Should you require further information or assistance in planning for your R22 phase out, we can determine the most suitable action to ensure that you not only comply with legislation but also significantly reduce your energy costs.

If you need any further information then the experts at BS Air would be happy to help.


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