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Why We Recommend Fujitsu Air Conditioning Units

Fujitsu are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of air conditioning units, and with good reason, too. From the sheer size of their range to the quality with which they are made and distributed, the Japanese brand are going from strength to strength as a leader of the air conditioning market. Here at BS Air, we are proud to stock, supply and install Fujitsu units, and this article will look into why we are so supportive of them.



Depending on the size of your property and its ventilation and air conditioning needs, you will be wanting a specific type of unit or units. Fujitsu’s vast range of equipment means there is something for every need – wall mounted, floor mounted  and ceiling mounted units are all available, meaning that your specifications are catered for. They also provide portable air conditioning units, for properties where space may be at a premium. What’s more, all of these units are available at fantastic prices, so you can be sure you are getting value for money from the moment you purchase your unit of choice. There are also split air conditioning systems available – these units have the condenser on the outside of the building, so the noise of the compression motor cannot be heard inside.


In the company’s 35 years of experience in the industry, they have faced the challenge of creating units that meet the exacting standards of over 75 countries worldwide, and this is a challenge that Fujitsu have passed with flying colours. Reliability is a vital part of any product, and with heavy duty goods like air conditioning, calling for repairs on a regular basis is not ideal. Thankfully, Fujitsu have a reputation for making some of the most durable and reliable air conditioning systems around, thanks to the meticulous care taken in the design of the units themselves.


Incorporating the latest technology into their air conditioning units is what helps Fujitsu stay at the top of the market. Their newly developed Super Vane feature is a setting that helps boost airflow around the room, while their Power Diffusers can be adapted for both heating and cooling. There are two modes; vertical and horizontal – in the vertical mode, the heat is expended towards floor level, whereas horizontal mode sends cool air to ceiling height. We have mentioned the variety of Fujitsu’s selection already, and this ties in with the versatility of the units themselves: their new Duct Type ceiling and floor mounted air conditioning units are just as at home concealed in the ceiling as they are fitted to the floor, with each installation placing importance on subtlety – hiding the units behind panelling so as to not disrupt the aesthetic of the room.

Having the right climate in your premises has a significant impact on the comfort of those within it, whether it’s at home or at work. If you want to relax at home or you want to create a comfortable environment for your staff to work in, a Fujitsu air conditioning system can play a huge part in helping you achieve that.

If you would like to benefit from the excellence of a Fujitsu air conditioning unit, then get in touch with us at BS Air today, and our friendly, knowledgeable team will always be happy to help.


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